Personal Tax Returns

We provide Personal Tax Return preparation and filing for all of the following types.  If you are behind in filing your tax returns by multiple years, we can file all outstanding tax returns so that you get up to date.

Standard Personal Tax Returns:  Includes T-slips, deduction receipts such as medical and donations, RRSP contributions and dependants. 

Standard Personal Tax Return with Rental Properties:  Includes the above items as well as rental property income and expenses.  

Standard Personal Tax Return with Sole-Proprietorship:  Includes the items listed under Standard Personal Tax Returns, as well as Sole-Proprietorship Business income and expenses and GST return preparation and filing if required. 

Standard Personal Tax Return with Capital Gain/Loss on Investments:  Includes the items listed under Standard Personal Tax Returns, as well as Capital Gain/Loss calculations on sale of investments.  

Adjustments to previously filed tax returns:  Called a T1 Adjustment, we can add, modify or remove items from your previously filed tax return if something was missed or incorrectly filed. 

CRA follow ups/disputes/responses to letters:  If you receive a letter from CRA, want to dispute a CRA decision, or follow up on anything submitted to CRA, we can complete these items on your behalf as long as we have the proper authorizations in place. 

Any of the above can also be combined if you have more than one of the above situations (such as Rental Properties and Capital Gains.)

If you have a situation that is not listed here, have any questions about any of the information provided, or wish to book an appointment, please submit a contact form to us and we will contact you within 1 business day.  We also provide a comprehensive checklist of information for all clients to complete for any tax situation, that lists all information that is required in order to complete your tax return.  For Fee information, click here

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